Latest NS3 Projects

1  Spectrum handoff model based on Hidden Markov model in Cognitive Radio Networks [ns3 project]
2  Real-time spacewire services in networked embedded systems [ns3 project]
3  Pairwise key distribution scheme for two-tier sensor networks [ns3 project]
4  A wireless full-duplex and multi-hop network with collision avoidance using directional antennas [ns3 project]
5  Performance Evaluation of LTE Network via Using Fixed/Mobile Femtocells [ns3 project]
6  Deployment Challenges and Developments in Wireless Sensor Networks Clustering [ns3 project]
7  Lowering power consumption in dedicated tributary protection schemes using Digital Subcarrier Optical Networks [ns3 project]
8  Data Aggregation with multiple sinks in Information-Centric Wireless Sensor Network [ns3 project]
9  Improving data forwarding in Mobile Social Networks with infrastructure support: A space-crossing community approach [ns3 project]
10  Wide-area centralized radio resource management for DCF-based multi-hop ad hoc wireless networks [ns3 project]