NS3 2014 Projects

1  A relay-based coverage area model for optimal connectivity in vehicular networks [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
2  Opportunistic large array with limited participation: An energy-efficient cooperative multi-hop network [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
3  AgNOS: A Framework for Autonomous Control of Software-Defined Networks [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
4  Natural gas distribution network modelling and leak minimization [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
5  Scheduling aware dimensioning for Time-Domain Wavelength Interleaved Network [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
6  OTICOR: Opportunistic Time Slot Assignment in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
7  LAEEBA: Link Aware and Energy Efficient Scheme for Body Area Networks [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
8  A general framework of hybrid graph sampling for complex network analysis [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
9  Remotely accessible computer network laboratory with hands-on experience [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]
10  A novel self-checking pollution attackers identification scheme in wireless network coding [NS3 PROJECTS CODE]