NS3 IEEE Projects

1  Disaster-resilient mobile network architecture [THESIS NS3]
2  Design and development of a networked health monitoring and control system [THESIS NS3]
3  Performance analysis of proactive and reactive protocols in mobile Ad-hoc networking: A simulation based analysis [THESIS NS3]
4  Collaborative management of applications in enterprise social networks [THESIS NS3]
5  A network routing method based on received power of repeater nodes and QoS for mobile ad-hoc networks [THESIS NS3]
6  OpenNetMon: Network monitoring in OpenFlow Software-Defined Networks [THESIS NS3]
7  Integration of Push-Based and Pull-Based Connectivity Status Sharing for Efficient Data Forwarding towards Mobile Sinks in Wireless Sensor Networks [THESIS NS3]
8  An enhanced Gauss-Markov mobility model for simulations of unmanned aerial ad hoc networks [THESIS NS3]
9  Adaptive TDMA-based clustering for critical event detection in Wireless Sensor Networks [THESIS NS3]
10  Resource allocation policy to avoid interference between cellular and D2D Links/ and D2D links in mobile networks [THESIS NS3]