NS3 Development

Phd in NS3 Simulator

Efficient and Truthful Bandwidth Allocation in Wireless Mesh Community Networks
Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Using Fuzzy Based Trust Model
Construction and analysis of microRNA-transcription factor regulation network in arabidopsis
Demonstration of Petabit scalable optical switching with subband-accessibility for elastic optical networks
Selective cooperation in dual-hop cooperative networks

NS3 Development
Receiver-driven adaptive layer switching algorithm for scalable video streaming over wireless networks
Correlation Noise Estimation for Wyner-Ziv Video Transmission over Wireless Network
Neighbors and relative location identification using RSSI in a dense wireless sensor network
Hierarchical social network analysis using multi-agent systems: A school system case
Low-Complex Synchronization Algorithms for Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks
Modeling and performance evaluation of mobile bionanosensor networks for target tracking
LevelSync: A hierarchical time synchronization mechanism for wireless sensor networks
1 Hop or 2 hops: Topology analysis in Body Area Network

NS3 Development
Amplifier placements optimization for enhanced energy efficiency in optical transport networks
NetCompare: A visualization tool for network alignment on Galaxy
Joint Source-Relay Precoding and Power Allocation for Secure Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Networks
Throughput and Delay Tradeoffs for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Reference Point Group Mobility
A computationally efficient system to predict joint rain fade on arbitrary EHF networks
Scalability of line-of-sight massive MIMO mesh networks for wireless backhaul