NS3 in B.Tech Projects

Ns3 in B.Tech Projects

     We Provide guidance and supervision to Btech students for their final year Projects and mini projects in (Ns3) network simulator 3. The Ns3 in B.Tech projects can be under the category of data networking and real time applications. The real time application on Btech projects involves the security and authentication purpose. The Ns3 in B.Tech projects are mostly done by using java, dotnet, and simulation software. The Ns3 in B.Tech projects in all journals can be developed by us in a technical way. The students can choose their projects in all domains like networking, network with security, mobile computing and pervasive computing. The Ns3 plays a vital role for networking students those who are pursuing final year B.Tech degree. The simulation of Ns3 is made easily.

      The JGN2 project with an open test bed network is launched by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology or NICT (President: Dr. Hideo Miyahara).The research and development for Information Communication Technology is the main aim of NICT. The project of JGN (Japan Gigabit Network) is following from April 1999 to March 2004. A broad spectrum of activities has been urged by the JGN2 project and the industry, the academia, the government and regional organizations are in collaboration of such development. The demonstrative experimental testing towards practicalities are the basic or fundamental research and development. For the next generation the research of network-related technologies are fostering with diverse ranged applications. In principle, any user can utilize the JGN2 test bed network when its utilization purpose is Ns3 in B.Tech projects research and development. The JGN2 test bed network can be utilized in order to the user must submit a complete “Application Form” to the NICT JGN2 Center at first. After that between the NICT and the user the joint research contract must be signedNS3 in B.Tech Projects

Ethernet Connection Service

       Ethernet Connection Service (L2 Service), IP Connection Service (L3 Service) is provided for the demonstrative experimental testing in all the access points and also OXC Connection Service. Through the certain access points the dark fibers are provided with the 10Gbp Connection Service and Optical Test bed Service. The nationwide access point (s) in each prefecture (Total: 64), the international circuits linking USA and Asia (Thailand and Singapore), the super-high-speed backbone network up to 20Gbps (10Gbps x 2) is provided by the JGN2 test bed network.

Examples of the client server communication Ns3 in B.Tech projects:

  • Specific types of clients used in Ns3 in B.Tech projects include: web browsers, E-mail clients, and online chat clients are used in Ns3 in B.Tech projects.
  • Specific types of servers used in Ns3 in B.Tech projects include: An Ns3 in B.Tech projects uses the web servers, FTP servers, database servers, E-mail servers, file servers, print servers. Most web services are also types of servers in Ns3 in B.Tech projects.

The characteristics of Network Server in Ns3 in B.Tech projects

  • The server always waits for a request from one of the clients in a network.
  • The client’s requests are served by the server then the server replies with requested data to the clients.
  • In order to serve a client request a server may communicate with other servers.
  • The request to client is send to get needed data of users where a server is the source.


NS3 in B.Tech Projects